Oven Cleaning Process



 Our Oven Cleaning process can take between one and four hours depending on the size of your  oven of course!!

We undertake  the deep cleaning of your oven which means We disassemble  (split the door apart ) and deep clean the oven door glass –yes this means we clean  between the glass!

We remove and deep clean your oven racks,shelves,and liners and roof lining if applicable We remove and deep clean the oven rear panel,  fan blade,  the bottom and sides of the ovenAnd even the roof too if possible!

The exterior panels of the oven are degreased ,cleaned and polished to show room standard.if you have a stainless steel front then we will use stainless steel oil to replennish the look of your oven.

The knobs,dials and buttons are removed ,cleaned and polished before being fitted back on .(Yes we make a note of the order they come off so we know how they go back on). 


Non Caustic

 We always use a non caustic eco friendly solution friendly for children and pets Prepaired fresh each day even in our dip tanks we still use non cautic eco friendly solutions the steam generated inside the tank does all the hard work by loosening the built up carbon and thus melting the fat and grease deposits. 

Paul and oven cleaning dip tank

Van Mounted Dip Tank

 We have a specialist heated dip(stainless steel) tank in all our vehicles.This is a large tank purpose made that fixes into the back of each vehicle there is a deviding partition between the rear and front of the vehicle .This provides us with an area to dip the racks,sides,  fan blades,  and all hob components pots and pans trays to.

We leave everything in the dip tank for one hour the dip tank works on steam once a high temp is reached then the steam loosens the carbon depostits and melts all the fat and grease off the items ,there are two drain gates one each side of the tank each evening we have to drain the tank down ready for the next days business where we add more water and a fresh cleaning solution each time we heat the tank so the excess steam can escape through it. 

The steam tank continues to do its work we carry on working inside the oven the caucus is cleaned professionally we repeatly scrub until we acheive a great finnish the sides and roof lining are all scrubbed too.

The oven doors are split apart and cleaned both sides also the rear panel is removed we clean the fan blade every time.

Apple Oven Clean are ghere to tackle any make or model of cooker including Belling,Aeg Britannia Bosch,Cannon, Creda, Hot Point,Electrolux Leisure,Jackson, Hygena, NeffMiele,Cowan, Parkingdson, Smeg, Baumatic,Whirlpool, Rayburn, Aga.

W also clean commercial ovens too.

Cooker Hood Cleaning and Maintenance

Paper filters


We replace paper filters with our universal fit any type of cooker hood filters.

Mesh Filters


We De-grease all mesh filters

Carbon Filters


We Can Replace all Carbon filters but these will need to be ordered for your type of extractor hood, 

Various bulbs .


We keep many light bulbs on our service van

From oven bulbs filament / halogen to cooker hood bulbs filament / halogen please ask if we have your type of light bulb.